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Beginner's Guide

Unable to receive verification code during registration?
1. There is a delay in receiving messages in the verification code system. Please be patient and wait. If you haven't received it within 120 seconds, please verify again;
2. If you have not received the SMS verification code after multiple operations, please contact online customer service at  
What documents can be used for real name authentication?
ID card, driver's license, passport and other valid documents are all acceptable.
Can I withdraw cash without investing after recharging?
No, in order to prevent individual users from maliciously cashing out, funds that have not participated in any investment after successful recharge will be charged a 10% handling fee.
Can I change the account name?
No, the registered account name is unique. Once the registration is successful, the account name cannot be changed.
Is there a handling fee for account recharge?
There is no charge for recharging the asset account.
Can I replace my ID card after successful authentication?
It cannot be changed. To ensure the security of investor accounts, it cannot be modified after passing real name authentication.
Can I bind multiple bank cards?
sure. But each withdrawal can only be made using one of the bank cards.
What should I do if I fail real name authentication?
1. Please check whether the real name matches the ID number;
2. Please check if the real name is entered correctly;
3. Please check whether the ID number is entered correctly.
4. If the authentication still fails, please contact online customer service at mailto:  
What should I do if my bank card authentication fails?
1. Please verify if the account opening name matches the real name;
2. Please check if the account opening name matches the bank card number;
3. Please check if the name of the opening bank and branch is filled in correctly;
4. Please verify if the bank card authentication amount has been entered correctly.
Is there a upper limit for recharging?
There is no limit on the amount of assets that can be recharged. Please refer to the standards of your bank for the amount that can be recharged. You can call the bank customer service hotline to inquire.
Does it support credit card recharging accounts?
In principle, credit card recharge is not supported for assets.
How long will it take for the withdrawal to arrive?
After you submit your application for withdrawal, the time of receipt shall be based on the bank's receipt time (in case of weekends or holidays, it shall be postponed to the next working day)
Is there a handling fee for withdrawing funds from the account?
There is no fee charged for asset withdrawal applications.
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