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About Us

The Emperor Group was established in 1942, originating from the retail business of watches and clocks. It has since continuously expanded and has become a diversified comprehensive enterprise group, with business scope including real estate, finance, watch jewelry, entertainment culture, hotels, digital media, and lifestyle.
Six companies under the group are listed on the Main Board of the Hong Kong Stock Exchange, namely King's International Group Limited (stock code: 163), which specializes in property investment and real estate development business, King's Watch Jewelry Limited (stock code: 887), which specializes in the retail business of luxury watches and high-end jewelry, and King's Entertainment Hotels Limited (stock code: 296), which provides hotel services and gambling business King Capital Group Limited (stock code: 717), which provides a wide range of financial services, King Cultural Industries Group Limited (stock code: 491), which engages in entertainment, media, and cultural businesses, and Eurochem International Limited (stock code: 1711), which operates a chain retail business of branded furniture in multiple European countries.
Established in 2000, Emperor Film's business scope includes investment, production, sales, and distribution of high-quality films. It has now occupied a leading position in the Chinese language film production and distribution industry and is one of the most active film producers in the industry.
The King of England film has won numerous awards: in 2009, "Witness" won seven Best Actor awards and created myths; In 2010, "Let the Bullets Fly" became a box office hit in mainland China, breaking the box office record of over 700 million yuan for the first time.
In 2018, "The Red Sea Operation" directed by Lam Chao hsien set a global box office record of HKD 4.5 billion and won multiple awards at various film festivals, including Best Action Design, Best Sound Effects, and Best Visual Effects at the Hong Kong Film Awards; In the same year, Unmatched, directed by Zhuang Wenqiang and starred by Zhou Runfa and Aaron Kwok, won the Hong Kong Film Awards for best film, best director, best screenwriter, best photography, best splicing, best art guidance, and best costume design, and won the big winner of the session; The film "The Unknown", directed by the new generation of mainland director Rao Xiaozhi, has also received great acclaim and is hailed as the best domestic comedy film of 2018.
In 2021, Anger, directed by Chen Musheng and starred by Donnie Yen and Nicholas Tse, has exceeded 1.329 billion yuan at the box office in the summer prime time, becoming the national Hong Kong film box office champion; In the 2021 mainland top 10 box office chart, King's Cinema held four more strong positions, including the super blockbuster "Changjin Lake" that broke the 5 billion yuan mark and challenged the highest box office record in mainland film history, as well as "Me and My Father", "Anger", and "On the Cliff".
As one of the largest and most influential film companies in Hong Kong, King's Film has developed in all aspects of production, investment, distribution, promotion, marketing, etc. In the future, it will continue to bring more high-quality works to the audience and create new brilliance in the film industry.
Emperor Media is a subsidiary of Emperor Film Group, responsible for fund management, publicity and distribution work of Emperor Film Group. It is also an international large-scale internet film and television financial investment platform dedicated to building an efficient and direct investment bridge for individuals and enterprises, building a more relaxed and free investment environment, finding a balance between safety and efficiency between individuals and enterprises, and promoting solutions to the problems of narrow investment channels and difficult investment for physical enterprises in the process of interest rate marketization, achieving win-win cooperation.
Empress Media provides users with high-quality and convenient micro financial services for personal finance. It is a leading financial film and television financing platform in the world. In order to ensure the full transparency of investment products, Empress Media pioneered the industry and entrusted PWC, one of the four largest international accounting firms, to verify the capital increase, ensuring the authenticity of all products. As a comprehensive wealth management consulting agency, our service targets various clients in society at the same time.
Emperor Media has designed over a dozen film and television wealth management products for investors of different sizes. Investors can choose different products based on their own funds, financial plans, psychological expectations, and risk preferences. Whether it is a stable medium return or a slightly challenging high return, there are corresponding film and television financial products in investment companies. At present, the company has represented dozens of film and television products, and all film and television financial products have clear market positioning. The company has a professional risk control team to track the use of funds in all aspects and report detailed regulatory situations to investors in a timely manner. The personage market has a conservative and accurate estimate of the potential benefits of the product, leaving room for upward momentum in order to achieve the highest expected returns. Investors are particularly satisfied with the down-to-earth style of investment companies, which first suppresses and then increases, and have also received recognition from financial regulatory agencies.
The company has a mature investment analysis team that has served internationally renowned enterprises, venture capital firms, investment banks, accounting firms, and other institutions, with strong practical capabilities and operational experience. During their employment, team members have led and participated in the restructuring and listing, refinancing, mergers and acquisitions, as well as film and television project initiation work of multiple enterprises. They have rich practical project operation experience, strong professional dialogue and communication coordination skills, and a deep understanding and understanding of the capital market, regulatory environment, and policies.
Faced with the complex and ever-changing financial market, Emperor Media will continue to rely on extraordinary courage and courage, with an international perspective and global strategy, to provide unique and professional comprehensive financial management services to domestic customers.
Emperor Media is committed to helping international individual clients configure global high-end investment products and achieve stable and value-added wealth; And establish a successful business model for the enterprise.
Customer First
After 80 years of development, Emperor Group, relying on its strong belief, keeps pace with the times, seeks change while maintaining stability, and is committed to building a more three-dimensional and refined ecological industrial chain to promote the sustainable development of the Group. In the future, the group will continue to leverage its unique corporate value, sharing benefits with different stakeholders in terms of business, talent, technology, and social contributions.
The soul of corporate culture lies in its long-term strategy of improving service quality and customer-centric approach, fully recognizing that the key to implementing this strategy is to have a brand that attracts customers. After careful exploration, the investment company achieved success. In 2021, the investment company's business market covers more than 80 countries worldwide, and its service brand is renowned worldwide. In the eyes of many customers, Emperor Media represents a world-class film and television financial service standard.
The Strategy of Emperor Media
There are many strategies for the success of King Media, but the differentiation strategy is the core weapon of King Media, relying on its huge marketing network and product diversification, to maximize the scale economy and economies of scope of the film and television entertainment industry to conduct a wide range of global competition, form a global competitive advantage, and increase competitors' barriers to entry and competition costs.
Executive Power of Emperor Media
Integrating such a vast and diverse film and television financial empire is no less than a world-class war. People say that Weir's greatest achievement was the incredible speed and strength with which he completed the integration of numerous acquisitions and mergers. The famous saying of Emperor Media today is confirmed: "Without execution, there is no competitiveness.
Risk Management 
Emperor Media places great emphasis on risk control, especially in terms of risk diversification. King Media has 60 business units, which provide suitable products for various financial needs that may arise during the lifetime of customers, thus diversifying the risk of business and making it less vulnerable to the impact of business cycle. The diversification of risks is also the main reason why Emperor Media avoided the financial crisis.
Our core values and vision:
Carrying Forward the Past and Opening up the Future, Continuously Renewing the Past
Adhere to faith and let time witness the development of the group
Sustainable Value - Going Forward Together
Cherish the team, share resources, and write a sustainable new page
Innovation and Progress, Expanding Opportunities
Observing the world, innovating without forgetting stability, unlocking business potential
Caring for Inheritance and Jointly Building the Future
Diverse thinking, integrating care and practice, creating social benefits

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