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A. Guarantee from third-party manufacturers
Every film invested by Emperor Media Limited is guaranteed by authoritative financial and insurance institutions. Top financial and insurance institutions such as Prudential, Emperor Film Group, US, Prudential, UK, Allianz, MS&AD, etc. provide guarantee services to ensure the safety of investors' funds and timely return of funds.
B. Professional regulated margin account
Emperor Media Limited requires all guarantee institutions to deposit a 10% deposit of the total guarantee amount to the group in advance, and the platform stores a 10% deposit in a special account for the financing balance. The above deposit is supervised by the Bank of New York to ensure full repayment of overdue payments. The guarantee institution provides a 100% joint and several liability guarantee for each product it factories, with full compensation.
C. 24-hour investment tracking management
Emperor Media Co., Ltd. has professional personnel to manage investment products, track trading through various channels such as market opening inspections, network supervision, and trading supervision, and report abnormal trading situations and product trading changes in real-time.
D. Payment from third-party manufacturers without setting up a fund pool
Investors' financial transactions and deposited funds are managed online by third-party payment providers, achieving complete isolation between user funds and platform owned funds, fully ensuring the safety of investors' funds.
E. Dedicated funds
Emperor Media Co., Ltd. maintains clear accounts for risk control margin accounts and investor funds, with complete and verifiable procedures, and dedicated funds.
F. Professional risk control team
Emperor Media Co., Ltd. has signed a professional service agreement with one of the four major international accounting firms, PricewaterhouseCoopers (PWC), to provide professional services and legal protection to investors with professional prudence.



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